Odd Celebrity Partnerships

In the past there have been a few celeb couples that quite a few fans don’t know of. Lots wonder, “How come I wasn’t aware of this?” The fact is plenty of celebrities that did get together only hung out for a short amount of time and was able to keep their companionship out of the public eye. Others were definitely the public eye, but for some odd reason fans either disregarded them or completely didn’t care about it.

Here are the Three Famous Relationships You Were Not Aware Of:

1. Jason Schwartzman & Zooey Dechanel.

2. Adam “Ad Rock” Horowitz & Molly Ringwald.

3. Tupac Shakur & Rosie Perez.

A lot of the celeb couples   definitely caught off guard celeb lovers as there was a few that I totally didn’t know about. It’s a little bit surprising to witness several of these famous people get into a relationship and then horribly call it off too. Make certain to continue visiting for more fun stars gossip.