Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Not Connecting In The Bedroom

Twitter Pic via- @Mr_RobPattinson

It appears that the trouble couple are having problems in the bedroom as well- on top of everything else. Kristen Stewart is working mighty hard to dazzle Robert Pattinson as she once did- in and out of the bedroom. However, since he was the one who was screwed over, he’s having a hard time connecting with his most beloved- Kristen Stewart. She wants to seek the help of a sex therapist. Though I think she’s looking for the wrong type of help. Not everything is about sex. Maybe she should try connecting with him in some other level. They both love music, perhaps they should work on a song, even on an album and channel all unsolved issues into their music. It just seems like a much better alternative than as sex therapist.

Making music together will bring them closer faster rather than meeting up with an intrusive sex therapist. Besides, it seems as though Robert Pattinson needs more time to mend. So if she doesn’t want to let him go, she shouldn’t force things to be the same, because they probably never will be. However, she can take a new and different avenue that is promising and possibly very exciting for both of them. This can easily be the key to really rekindling their romance.

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