Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Not Connecting In The Bedroom

Twitter Pic via- @Mr_RobPattinson

It appears that the trouble couple are having problems in the bedroom as well- on top of everything else. Kristen Stewart is working mighty hard to dazzle Robert Pattinson as she once did- in and out of the bedroom. However, since he was the one who was screwed over, he’s having a hard time connecting with his most beloved- Kristen Stewart. She wants to seek the help of a sex therapist. Though I think she’s looking for the wrong type of help. Not everything is about sex. Maybe she should try connecting with him in some other level. They both love music, perhaps they should work on a song, even on an album and channel all unsolved issues into their music. It just seems like a much better alternative than as sex therapist.

Making music together will bring them closer faster rather than meeting up with an intrusive sex therapist. Besides, it seems as though Robert Pattinson needs more time to mend. So if she doesn’t want to let him go, she shouldn’t force things to be the same, because they probably never will be. However, she can take a new and different avenue that is promising and possibly very exciting for both of them. This can easily be the key to really rekindling their romance.

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Sexy Actress Brooke Shields Is The Lady In Red

Brooke Shields seriously looks better with age. She is the lady in red for the hour as she arrives on set of Good Morning America to talk about her new business ventures and other things that are going on currently in her life. Shields has had an amazing filming career since 1976 as a young child and the success continued into adulthood. Are you looking for more celebrity news? Read about how Reality Star Scott Disick Looking Sexy With His Shirt Off to get your celebrity fix.

Miley Cyrus Flaunts Brand New Hair Style

Yesterday country singer Miley Cyrus just decided that she was going to cut her locks. Devoted fanatics in the US met the decision with support. The breaking news spread through the social media community as Miley Cyrus made public the self pics of her freshly chopped locks. Celeb big timer hair fashionista Chris McMillan worked the deed of cutting her hair to mixed lengths. All the while he kept Ms. Miley Cyrus’ young lady feel. Everyone guessed her arrangements for her nuptials with Liam Hemsworth taking in account her new hairstyle. Either way both her father and her husband to be definitely loved her new hair style. The image is courtesy of Miley Cyrus Twitter account- @MileyCyrus.

Ms. Miley Cyrus Cuts Off Her Hair

Ms. Miley Cyrus had to traumatism the social media world when she posted a new picture of herself with her hair cut off. She had famous hairstylist Chris McMillan chop all of her hair off and she enjoys every single bit of attention coming her way. Ms. Cyrus puts her best efforts to shed away from the Hannah Montana star that loads of fans view her as to be. Everyone is totally hoping that she has plans on wearing extensions for her wedding though, because that shaved head look is a bit odd. Miley Cyrus’ soon to be husband must be absolutely in love with her as that short haircut is something else. The photo is courtesy of Twitter- via @MileyCyrus.

Popular & Breath Taking Pregnant Women In Performing Arts Today

Just in case you didn’t notice, there’s yet another substantial baby fever with ladies in Hollywood. There’s various beautiful and famous ladies in Tv that are as of recent expectant moms. Some of these ladies cover, the stunning, Reese Witherspoon & Sienna Miller & a lot more.

Women more than ever demonstrate that they desire becoming parents & urge to try out their nurturing instincts instead of working constantly. All of these famous, expecting moms are seemingly filled with joy as they long to being mothers.

Check Out Kate Upton’s Mouthwatering Body Features In GQ Issue

Kate Upton has came to be the most admired model of each and every single guy because she has a mouthwatering frame. Her slim body, out of hand curves and huge tits, which can be witnessed boastfully presented in the GQ issue.

This hot model can be witnessed having on a blue, red and white star striped bathing suit. The model made her way to the top when a video of her doing the “Cat Daddy” was downloaded on YouTube, but was temporarily taken down due to disobeying the rules of the site. Plenty Kate Upton fans disapproved of the decision and the video was uploaded back onto the video site.  Make certain to keep looking at past video shoots on this pretty 20 year old model as she is foreseen to to be doing wonderful things with her modeling career.


Pregnant Hollywood Stars In Television

In case you haven’t seen, yet again there’s another marvelous baby fever with gals in Television. There’s numerous of heavenly & influential gals in the movie business that are now expectant mothers. Several of these gals cover, the stunning, Kristin Cavallari and Megan Fox & numerous of others.

Ladies now more than ever show off that they want to become procreators & urge to experience their maternal instincts preferably than traveling for work constantly. All of these widely known, mothers to be carrying bundles are glowing with pride as they long to being mothers.